Gregg and Ann Behrens Endowed Scholarship

2012 Scholarship winner Josh Adams (L-R Steve Lubahn, David Hagopian, Josh Adams, Tracy Sankot

Gregg Behrens established this scholarship in the hope that it will support future members of Alpha Tau Zeta in pursuing their dreams and achieving their full potential. Gregg, AT 552, gained much from his Iowa State experience, both in the classroom and through campus and Lambda Chi activities. Establishing this scholarship is one of several ways that he shows his support of Iowa State University and the ideals and principals of Lambda Chi Alpha. He encourages recipients of this scholarship to do the same when they are able.

The scholarship is open to all members of Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity at Iowa State University, including associate members. Three principal criteria are used for determining scholarship eligibility:

  1. Academic performance – minimum GPA of 3.0
  2. Demonstrated leadership within Lambda Chi Alpha and other campus activities
  3. Current level of financial need

One of the recent scholarship winners is shown below with Brother Gregg Behrens.

Gregg Behrens, left, and Steve Lubahn, right, presenting the scholarship to Andy Meyer, center, winner of the 2011 Gregg & Ann Behrens Scholarship.