Below is a list of current members of our fraternity. The first list is Initiated men, the second list is Associate Members.

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ZetaFirst NameMiddle NameLast NameCityState
A-T 1416 Nicholas Josiah Garvis Neola IA
A-T 1424 Jamie McArthur Hinsdale IL
A-T 1427 Ryan Anthony Morton Mount Prospect IL
A-T 1428 Jonathon Riley Branch South Prospect IL
A-T 1429 Thomas Gerald Granato Mount Prospect IL
A-T 1431 Devin Prasad Mount Prospect IL
A-T 1432 Declan Patrick Costello Elmhurst IL
A-T 1433 Ryan Matthew Bodda Aurora IL
A-T 1437 Max Dante Pacini Mt. Prospect IL
A-T 1438 Kenneth Mendoza Wheaton IL
A-T 1439 Zackery Wilz Ankeny IA
A-T 1441 Andrew Eschweiler Lake Crystal IL
A-T 1442 Tyler Kulda Elk Grove Village IL
A-T 1443 Jacob B Hoefer Cedar Rapids
A-T 1444 Hayden Fox Owatonna MN
A-T 1444 Justin Craig Leaf Minnetonka MN
A-T 1445 Collin Robert Steimer Cedar Rapids IA
A-T 1447 Nick Lees St. Paul MN
A-T 1449 George William Frampton Johnston IA
A-T 1450 Eric Exner Janesville WI
A-T 1451 Drew Cross Dallas Center IA
A-T 1452 Colby Brink Honey Creek IA
A-T 1453 Kyle Pietkiewicz Pingree Grove IL
A-T 1454 Elliott Voelkers Waterford WI
A-T 1455 Grant Tetmeyer Johnston IA
A-T 1456 James Riordan Arlington Heights IL
A-T 1457 Trace V Engel Clarksville IA
A-T 1458 Austin Kock West Des Moines IA
A-T 1459 Nicholas Dilley Ankeny IA
A-T 1460 Grant Trygestad Madison MN

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ZetaFirst NameMiddle NameLast NameCityState
AM Jackson Barzen Des Moines IA
AM Nathan Curran Geneseo IL
AM Eddy Walthier Mokena IL
AM Alex Glass Frankfort IL
AM Jacob Schwarzenbach Johnston IA
AM Matthew Zarnowski Manhatten IL