Being part of Lambda Chi Alpha offers members many excellent opportunities to participate in leadership and development activities.

Lambda Chi Alpha provides our Chapter with a constitution and statutory code that provides a solid framework for the management and day-to-day operation of the Alpha Tau Zeta Chapter. Being an initiated member is not a requirement for a majority of the offices and any of our Associate Members can and are encouraged to run for an officer position.

The men below are the current officers:

  • President (High Alpha)  – Zach Wilz
  • Internal Vice President (High Beta) – Nick Lees
  • External Vice President (High Theta) – Grant Tetmeyer
  • Secretary (High Gamma) – James Riorden
  • Treasurer (High Tau) – Kenneth Medoza
  • Risk Management (High Iota) – Trace Engel
  • Fraternity Education (High Kappa) – Eric Exner
  • Recruitment (High Delta) – Nic Dilley
  • Ritualist (High Phi) – Ryan Morton
  • Scholarship (High Sigma) – Haden Fox
  • Social Coordinator (High Epsilon) – Thomas Granato
  • Alumni Relations (High Rho) – Jon Branch
  • Standards – Devin Prasad

Other Chapter Positions:

  • Chapter Adviser (High Pi) – Open
  • House Manager – George Frampton
  • Kitchen Steward – Elliott Voelkers