Many of our alumni brothers remain involved with the chapter.  Service on one of our boards is a key way you can share your leadership experience and give back to the organization.

Alumni Advisory BoardATZ AAB.jpg

The Alumni Advisory Board is a group of dedicated alumni who help the undergraduate officers fulfill their roles and achieve chapter goals. This group meets on a regular basis to advise the officers on long term direction, as well as decisions impacting their position. This group is currently on hiatus until the undergraduate chapter returns to Iowa State. Please contact Steve Lubahn if you are interested in participating in this group when it becomes active again.

Alpha-Tau Zeta Corporation

The ATZ Corporation manages all matters related to room and board for the undergraduates. Additionally, they oversee all financial and accounting functions for the chapter.

The current officers of ATZ Corporation are listed below:

President – Chris Nelson
Vice President – Jim Noonan
Treasurer – Sean Van Osdale
Secretary – Teddy Reinert
Financial Advisor – Dan Hamman