The men of Lambda Chi Alpha’s Alpha Tau Zeta Chapter enjoy a comprehensive and cost effective meal program as part of our member’s room and board.

Meals are prepared as much from scratch as possible and served buffet style, allowing the members to choose their own entrees and side dishes as well as salads from the daily salad bar. Lunch and Dinner are served Monday through Thursday with Lunch only on Friday. The House Chef Steven Johns lives at the house during the week to help make sure that meals are prepared and delivered on time to help accommodate all of our members schedules and eating restrictions. We also provide 24 hour breakfast options as well as a 24 hour kitchen, which allows our members to make themselves a meal whenever they can.

Guests and VIP speakers from the community are regular attendees on Monday nights and the house members benefit from meeting these community leaders. The speakers range from public safety officers to house guests that help improve the day to day edict of the men of Lambda Chi Alpha. Chef Steven, along with members of the house,  also does outdoor bar-b-ques in the fall and spring that are used as times to slowdown and enjoy the day with brothers and Associate Members.